Tourist bus services for everyone, in the pursuit of safety, reliability, and comfort

Tourist bus services for everyone, in the pursuit of safety, reliability, and comfort


Safety Initiatives

Transport Safety Management Initiatives

At Tourist Bus, we conduct various initiatives to ensure transport safety on a day-to-day basis, based on Transport Safety Management. Pursuant to Article 47-7 of the Passenger Vehicle Transport Business Transport Regulations, we have published our transport safety performance for FY2016 and plans for FY2017 as follows. Representative directors and all employees will unite as one to continue with our efforts to ensure safety.

1. Basic Transport Safety Policy

The basic policy on transport safety at Tourist Bus is as follows.

  1. With an awareness that ensuring transport safety lies at the heart of business management, the Representative Director will play a leading role within the company in ensuring transport safety. The Representative Director will listen seriously to any opinions about safety from our business locations and, with a firm grasp of the situation in the operational divisions, thoroughly instill in employees a consciousness that ensuring transport safety is of paramount importance.
  2. We will be tireless in our endeavors to improve transport safety through the steady implementation of the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle regarding transport safety. We will also actively release information regarding transport safety on the internet and other channels.

2. Transport Safety Targets and State of Achievement of Targets

At Tourist Bus, we have set transport safety targets of zero accidents per financial year and we are working hard to achieve that goal. In terms of our target of zero accidents for FY2016, there were no accidents and our target was successfully met. The state of achievement of FY2016 targets and targets for FY2017 are as follows.

Sales OfficeFY2016 Performance (number of accidents)
Head Office000
Sales OfficeFY2017 Performance (number of incidents)
Head Office000

As of July 20, 2017

3. Accident Statistics

In FY2018, there were zero vehicle accidents at Tourist Bus.
Each and every employee will continue to increase their awareness and work as one to prevent accidents, in our united goal of zero at-fault accidents.

4. Safety Management Rules

Tourist Bus has established safety management rules with the aim of the improvement of transport safety. (Notified to the Transport Bureau)

(Main contents of safety management rules)
  • Policies, etc. for business operations to ensure transport safety
  • Systems for business implementation and management to ensure transport safety
  • Methods for business implementation and management to ensure transport safety
Tourist Bus Co., Ltd. Safety Management Rules

5. Transport Education and Training Plans

At Tourist Bus, to achieve our transport safety goals, in our regular crew operational training plans, crew are given lectures on safety and service by company management and operational managers. Management also periodically holds monthly early-morning roll calls, in which they incorporate transport safety awareness-raising activities. The Internal Audit Office also boards buses in service regularly to check on and raise the level of day-to-day safety, hospitality and service.

[Contents of Crew Operational Training]
  • Basics of safe driving of commercial vehicles
  • Structural features of commercial vehicles and daily inspection methods
  • Key matters to note for the prevention of traffic accidents
  • Hazard prediction and avoidance (video of cases on near-misses while driving)
[Crew Operational Training Performance]
  • In FY2016, a total of four (4) crew underwent in-house safe driving training.
[Training and education scene]
Early-morning roll call (use of latest-model breathalyzers)
Early-morning roll call (use of latest-model breathalyzers)
Seminars by National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid
Seminars by National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid
AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
Daily inspection training
Daily inspection training

Tourist Bus also asks its crew to undertake aptitude testing, which is provided by the National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid (NASVA).

The following seminars and testing were conducted in FY2016.
○ Inductee testing (conducted on newly employed crew)...N/A
○ General testing/age-appropriate testing (conducted on existing crew) ... N/A

In FY2017, new employees who joined the company with the expansion of our business are being given aptitude testing.
As of July 20, 2017 (12 new employees tested)

6. Other Safety Initiatives

  • All crew are asked to report on any “near misses,” that is, examples of occasions when they sensed a hazard while driving. These reports are collected and information is shared in training and at other opportunities.
  • The following equipment has been introduced to support safe, comfortable transport from a hardware perspective.
    (*Figures for number and percentage of vehicles with this equipment installed are current as of July 30, 2017.)
[Digital Tachographs]
○Installed in (4) of the 9 company buses both as a means of recording bus operations and for crew instruction.(Installment rate: 45%)
[Tokai Denshi Breathalyzers]
○With the motto of the elimination of drink driving, Tourist Bus has installed the latest model of breathalyzer units in its sales offices. The latest-model units will also be progressively installed in all vehicles.
Installed in (4) of the 9 company buses
(Installment rate: 45%)
[Dashboard Cameras]
○With the objectives of accurate determination of the situation in the event of an accident and effective prevention of accidents by raising awareness of hazards among crew, all (9) buses have been equipped with dashboard cameras.
(Installment rate: 100%)
[AED (Automated External Defibrillator)]
○In our aim to offer our customers comfort and peace of mind, we have installed AED units in some of our sightseeing buses.
(4 buses, installment rate: 45%)
[Promotion of introduction of vehicles with advanced safety features]
○For even further improvement of the safety of our buses, sightseeing buses to be introduced to the fleet in FY2017 will be equipped with the following.
  • Collision Mitigating System
  • Electronic Stability Control System
  • Driver Alert Support System
  • Lane Deviation Warning System

7. Transport Safety Organizational Chart

Transport Safety Organizational Chart

8. Chief Safety Manager

Representative Director, Tourist Bus Co., Ltd. Fumio Hashimoto (as of July 30, 2017)